Friday Linkage 1/7/2022

Every year we watch the calendar change from year to the next and hope for change.  Why?  What is the magic significance of one day in 2021 versus the next in 2022?  It is an idea that a professor of mine in graduate school used to rag on when describing lazy historians.  Those particular lazy historians liked to group things in decades as if events, trends, etc. were bound to the confines of the 1960s or 1970s.

As anyone who was a child in the early 1980s knows, it looked a lot more like the 1970s than any candy-colored neon dream of the 1980s that Hollywood would like us to believe.  Maybe you owned parachute pants and saw DeLorean DMC-12s driving down the street, but my 1980s childhood was like a malaise era hangover.

I hope 2022 is a better year, but I fear it will look a lot like the second half of 2021.  At least Marjorie Taylor Greene is losing access to her social media microphones.

On to the links…

The Great Population Growth Slowdown—This is the kind of story that that needs to get more attention.  So many policies, in the United States and internationally, are predicated on increasing populations.  What happens when that is no longer the case?

EVs Made Up 65 Percent of Car Sales in Norway Last Year—Almost two-thirds of cars sold in Norway were EVs.  Wow!

France Plugin EV Share Breaks Records In December—Plug-ins, including PHEVs, were almost one quarter of sales in France in December.

15% Of Auto Sales In Europe Were Fully Electric Vehicles In November—It is starting to feel a little bit like living in the future.

Startup ONE says its Battery Prototype Delivered 750-Mile Range—This particular startup may or may not crack the battery problem, but as more money pours into the sector and the market keeps growing there are going to be both evolutionary and revolutionary leaps in technical capability.

Revealed: The Florida Power Company Pushing Legislation to Slow Rooftop Solar—It is almost like Florida purposefully tries to be the worst state in America.

Bringing Solar To Coal Country In Kentucky—This is a great project.  Naturally, a contingent of people just want their old jobs back mining coal.  I understand the visceral reaction to change, but clinging to the hope that coal mining jobs are coming back is insane.

Gravity Could Solve Clean Energy’s One Major Drawback—Now, imagine systems like these deployed in buildings across the United States.  It would be dispatchable power at the point of use.

Graze Anatomy: What Happens When You Put Up a Fence to Keep Sheep Out?—Should this surprise anyone?  Let’s stop allowing livestock to destroy every natural place.  The planet will thank you.

Farmers Could be Paid for Post-Brexit ‘Rewilding’ Land Changes—Just returning a portion of land to its “wild” state would yield massive benefits.

Coffee Roasters Look to Long-Snubbed Robusta Bean as Climate Changes—Climate change is coming for your coffee.  Best get used to drinking robusta now.

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