Friday Linkage 1/14/2022

This is your modern day Republican Party.  Republican Senate President Jake Chapman is really leaning heavily into the Orwellian recasting of the opposition’s intentions.  This man literally believes that anyone disagreeing with him or his party has a “sinister agenda.”

How can anything constructive be achieved in an environment when one side believes the other to be evil?

On to the links…

Making the Transition Happen—We have a pretty damn good idea of what it will take to decarbonize the economy.  It is not complex and it does not require radical leaps in technology like fusion power.  Granted, fusion power would make things a lot easier.

Tiniest Pollution Particles Pack Major Risk: Childhood Asthma, Poor-Air Deaths Ignored for too Long, studies say—The air is making us sick because we refuse to hold the people responsible accountable.  Oh wait, the people responsible is us.

US Greenhouse Emissions Increased by 6.2 Percent Last Year—After an artificial decline there was bound to be an artificial increase.

Coal was Dying. Then 2021 Happened.—Damn it.

Coal Will Equal 85% Of U.S. Electric Generating Capacity Retirements In 2022—Put another way, 6% of the coal generating capacity in operation at the end of 2021 will be retired.  This is a death spiral.

Solar to Make Up Half of New Generating Capacity in 2022—Are we reaching the tipping point on solar where it becomes so inexpensive that the only impediment to deployment is the rapidity of installation?

The US Government Spent $1.1 billion on Carbon Capture Projects that Mostly Failed—Carbon capture is the hydrogen of the next decade.  It is an attempt by old line fossil fuel companies to continue their business as usual policies propped up by a veneer of environmental friendliness.  Imagine putting more than $1 billion dollars to work reforesting wildfire ravaged lands?  That is carbon capture you can believe in.

Kentucky Coal Mine Will Become Giant “Water Battery” Energy Storage Project—The future is now.  This is happening in Kentucky, which is no friend of renewable energy or anything that does not at least tangentially support the coal industry.

The Western Megadrought is Revealing America’s ‘Lost National Park’—Other civilizations have come before us in the desert Southwest and, like those that came before, we will leave relics of our hubris behind.  Lake Powell and the Glen Canyon Dam will be a fitting monument to our colossal stupidity.

Texas Natural Gas Production Dropped During Recent Cold Front, Reviving Concerns about Electric Grid—I wonder who Greg Abbot and Texas Republicans will blame when the grid runs into a crisis again.  Probably no bigger advertisement for EVs with bi-directional charging than Texas going dark again.

USPS Says All-Electric Mail Trucks Will Cost An Extra $3 Billion—That is it?  Congress will fart and add that much money to the defense budget.

Electric Cars Aren’t Just Vehicles. They’re Big Batteries.—Electric vehicles may remake the way we interact with electricity and utilities in general.  I know that I am looking forward to a time in the near future when I have a battery pack in my garage that can help me disconnect from the grid.

UK’s Auto Market Hits One-Third Plugins In December—Including PHEVs you get over one-third, but more surprising to me is that BEVs account for one-quarter of the market already.

Can Lab-Grown Palm Oil Save the World’s Tropical Forests?—My hopes are low, but it cannot hurt trying.

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