Friday Linkage 1/21/2022

If you ever needed any evidence that fossil fuel companies just do not care I give you E.ON in the United Kingdom.  This is not quite as bad as a company memo suggesting that you dumpster dive to survive. 

On to the links…

Nearly Half the World’s Kids are Exposed to Dangerous Levels of Lead—Out of sight, out of mind for most people.  Sure, we had a lead scandal in Flint, Michigan but does anyone really consider the plight of people dealing with lead production in another country?

The Texas Electric Grid Failure Was a Warm-up—After hundreds of people died and the state was paralyzed you would think that Texas politicians and energy regulators would do something.  Nope.  They just blamed the usual bogeyman, pocketed fat stacks of cash, and leaned back to wait for another disaster to strike.

New Renewable Power Plants Are Reducing U.S. Electricity Generation From Natural Gas—This chart is very important:

We can bend the curve for coal and natural gas to an even steeper degree.

China’s Coal Production Hit Record Levels in 2021—China and India will determine the future of goal generated power over the next decade.

Sunshine, My Frenemy—We can get to a future where 100% of our energy needs are met by renewables.  It will not look like today’s energy system, but that is just a failure of imagination.

MidAmerican Energy Proposes $3.9 Billion ‘Wind PRIME’ Renewable Energy Project—This one is close to home.  It is estimated that Iowa gets ~60% of its electricity from renewable sources, primarily wind, so any additional renewable energy starts creeping toward 100%.

North Sea Fossil Fuel Companies Plan to Invest More in Wind than Oil Drilling—Is this the signal that the worm is turning on oil and gas development?

Offshore Oil Rigs are a Surprising Safe Haven—Wouldn’t offshore wind turbines have the same benefit?  And, no risk of leaking oil all over.

Leading UK Fracking Firm Taken Over by Green Energy Group—I would love to see this in the United States.

Colorado Oil and Gas Wells are Constantly Changing Hands. Some Risk Becoming Costly “Orphans” Along the Way.—You have to love a system where it is legal to just transfer liabilities to another company and walk way like your intent was never to be negligent.

An Oil and Gas Company Wants to Plug Four Idle Wells. The Wells Could End up Owned by a Troubled Colorado Operator Instead.—Let’s stop calling these “troubled” operators.  Let’s start calling them deadbeats or miscreants or…

Interior Devotes Billions to Plugging Old Oil Wells. Is it Enough?—I do not care if it is $2B or $19B.  Appropriate the money and get people to work cleaning up this mess.  If an oil or gas company was supposed to have capped the well and did not do its job, see you in court.

65% Plugin Vehicle Share In The Netherlands! Volkswagen ID.3 Shines!—It is not just Norway that is killing it when it comes to electric vehicles. 

Gas Car Fires Far More Common Than Electric Car Fires—Yep.

I Idled in an Electric Car for 12 Hours in the Freezing Cold to See What Would Happen—So, those hit pieces about being “stuck in an electric car in a snowstorm” were just baseless garbage promoted by a press that is owned by fossil fuel companies.

Dude, Your Cannabis Habit Has an Epic Carbon Footprint—I do not want to harsh anyone’s buzz, but maybe growing cannabis indoors is not a long term solution.  Why not row outdoors or in greenhouses?

All that Online Holiday Shopping Led to Record Product Returns. That’s a Problem—Can we please just stop buying so much stuff?

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