Panaracer Gravelking SS Plus+ 2,500 Mile Check-In

500 trouble free miles makes me start to wonder if I have slayed the reliability demons that were bedeviling my wheels for the first part of the riding season.  My fingers are crossed.

The only real comment I have on the tires at the 2,500 mile mark is that these tires wear like iron.  You can still the slight patterning along the centerline on both tires.  Granted, the now front tire is much more faint.  The question I have now is whether these tires can last the rest of the season pushing my replacement Gravelking SS Plus+ in 38c width to next season.  We shall see.

Below you will see how my tires have weathered the riding season so far at various intervals:

Note: I bought these tires with my own money.  Nothing has come to me from Panaracer.  If I were pimping a product I would let you know.

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