Friday Linkage 8/12/2022

My hope is that by the time you are reading this the ill-named Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 is passed by the House of Representatives and on its way to President Biden’s desk.

The bill is not perfect.  No bill created in Congress is ever perfect.  However, this is the kind of action we need—hell, we needed it a decade ago but that is the way D.C. works—and it could make a demonstrable impact on reducing U.S. carbon emissions.

Trust me, I will be on the phone with a plumber trying to get that hybrid air source heat pump water heater the minute I can figure out the tax credit situation.

On to the links…

Global Coal Consumption Surged In 2021—Well, that sucks.

Investigation Confirms What We All Know: GOP is Deliberately Targeting Corporate Climate Measures—Surprise, surprise…nope, this is pretty much par for the course.

The Tax Scam That Won’t Die—And you thought it was going to be about the carried interest loophole for hedge fund billionaires.

Electrify Everything: These Are The Most Important Things To Change ASAP—With the IRA passage imminent, it is time to develop a roadmap to electrify everything in your life.

The Oil and Gas Industry’s Methane Problem in Four Charts—With a new enforcement mechanism in the IRA, now is the time to really put the oil and gas industry’s feet to the fire when it comes to methane emissions.

Windfarms Raise Incomes and House Prices in Rural US, Study Finds—Somewhere Donald Trump’s head just exploded…oh wait, he would just think this is another fake news story.

Plugin Vehicles At 10.3% In June As Italy’s EV Sales Gain Traction—Even at 10% or more of new car sales I do not remember seeing any EVs in Rome or Naples while on vacation.

EV Charging Trends Multifamily And Commercial Properties Should Consider—Building out a charging infrastructure not based around a detached single family home is a thorny issue for the EV transition.

Researchers in Colorado have Figured Out What Makes Air Conditioners Consume so Much Energy. It’s Not the Heat.—Any Midwesterner could have told them it’s the humidity that kills you.

The Search for an AC that Doesn’t Destroy the Planet—Air conditioning that does not use harmful refrigerants or a lot of energy will be the technology that makes or breaks us in the near future.

These Voracious Goats Might Be the Next Best Tool for Battling Colorado Megafires—I think that it can go without saying that the world would be a better place with more goats.

‘Incredibly Promising’: The Bubble Barrier Extracting Plastic from a Dutch River—This seems like an easy thing to deploy on a much broader scale.

Microplastics Discovered Throughout Colorado’s Snowpack—Our age will be known as the “Plastic Age” when researchers are digging up our cities in thousands of years.


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