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Friday Linkage 3/23/2012

It must be a presidential primary and election season because the $5 gallon of gas hype machine is in full swing.  Never mind that the president has little or no impact on the price of oil, let alone the price of gasoline, it has not stopped people like Mitt “My Campaign is a Den of Lies” Romney, Rick “Please don’t Google me” Santorum, and Newt “I am so out of it” Gingrich from somehow assigning blame.

Truth does not matter to these people so why should things like economics, international relations, and science…oh wait, these are the guys pandering to the same people who deny global climate change and argue about the scientific merit of evolution.  Because a guy building a boat to haul all the world’s animals seems like such a plausible thing.  Oh wait, God helped.  It must be nice to have the fallback argument that requires no thought.

On to the links…

U.S. Inching Toward Energy Independence–Long the goal of presidents going back to at least Richard Nixon, U.S. energy independence–e.g. no longer dependent upon Middle Eastern oil–is actually a possibility in the near future.  Granted, it’s about a multiplicity of factors including increased domestic production of fossil fuels, increased fuel efficiency, and decreased demand.  However, I bet the current crop of Republican candidates won’t mention any of this.

New York City Energy Usage Mapped Out–Check it out, it’s an infographic and energy efficiency wrapped into one link.  Love it!

Bold Words About Solar–At the MIT Energy Conference a number of attendees made bold proclamations about solar.  The basic hurdle to widespread adoption is less about the cost of the technology and more about the total cost of the system including the bureaucracy surrounding getting a system installed.  For once I agree with the Republican call for government to get out of the way.

New Geothermal Goes Online Near Salton Sea–Geothermal is a vast underutilized energy resource because it is carbon neutral and it is baseload.  It;s like nuclear without all of the problems.

India Has Twenty Times More Wind Power Potential than Previously Thought–Pretty much says it all right there.

Paul Ryan’s Budget Proposal Continues Tradition of Senseless Oil Subsidy–Yep, Paul Ryan thinks it is a good idea to continue lavishing taxpayer dollars on enormously profitable oil companies.  Sounds like austerity to me.

Agenda 21 Now Illegal in Tennessee–Making something illegal seems to be the new mantra of conservatives.  If you do not agree with it, make it illegal. If you like it, stuff it down people’s throats.  Great leadership strategy.

Parking Spaces Cover More Space in America than Puerto Rico–Because making smart growth ideas illegal is such a good idea, we should not talk about things like parking spaces covering more space in the U.S. than the entire island of freakin’ Puerto Rico.  What a joke.

At Bicycle Habitat, Welcoming Everyone–It’s a simple chronicle of a bicycle shop in Manhattan.  It makes me miss the relationship I built over fifteen years with my local shop in Winona, Minnesota.

Norway Leads Call for EU Ban on Fish Discards–Norway, which has already banning the practice of discarding edible bycatch, is now calling for an EU wide ban on the practice.  It is a proven step toward helping our overfished seas recover.

Sustainable Coffee Farming in Haiti–I have always found Haiti to be on of the most glaring and awful failures of the U.S. and the Western Hemisphere.  We spend billions of dollars on foreign aid, a lot of it for military aid, and there is a country in our backyard suffering through horrible deprivation.  Why?  At least Todd Carmichael and  La Colombe Torrefaction is trying to do something about it through coffee.

Rick Santorum–Just because I dislike almost everything about the guy.