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Friday Linkage 8/28/2015

I encountered one of the most disheartening sounds in the world this week. On an aborted bike ride my tire made the noise of a full on blow out. This is not the gentle hiss of a pinch flat or a small puncture, but the full throated blast of air and the realization that you are walking home. Why walking? Because the tread area on my well-worn Kenda Kwicks was torn through. Whatever I ran across was bad news.

On to the links…

Here’s What Happens When you Try to Replicate Climate Contrarian Papers—Let me spoil the punch line: you can’t replicate the results.

Shocking: Prominent Climate Denier gets Money from Big Coal—Shocking? Not so much. Christopher Horner is a paid shill of the fossil fuel industry. Anything that comes out of his mouth is little more than coal stained propaganda.

The Incredible Shrinking Mineral: How It Went from King Coal to Coal Kills—If I was confident I would start playing “Taps.” Coal is not dead yet, but with continued pressure and an unfavorable market the dirty fuel may be in its final death spiral.

NYC Rooftops Could Host 11 GW of High-Yield Solar ProjectsMapdwell’s work on modelling what solar could do in eastern cities is some pretty amazing work. Think about 11 GW of solar power in America’s largest city. Now multiply that across other major cities in the U.S. like Chicago, Los Angeles, Denver, and so on.

California’s 40 Years Of Energy Efficiency Efforts Have Saved $90 Billion In Utility Costs—California has been a leader in trying to get people to use less electricity and it has worked. Furthermore, those efforts have trickled out—not trickle down because I do not believe in voodoo environmentalism—to the rest of the nation due to California’s sheer market heft.

Here’s Where The Rubber Hits The Road (Natural Guayule Rubber — Updated)—Apparently, rubber is a big import for the United States and we have been looking for a domestic alternative since before World War II. It also looks like guayule—a shrub that is drought and pest tolerant—could provide a significant offset to our imported rubber habit. Interesting.

New Study Finds Horse and Beaver in Grocery Store Ground Meat—As if you needed another reason to stay away from the case of ground beef at your local grocery store—pink slime anyone?—along comes the knowledge that we may actually be eating horse or beaver. Freaking beaver?

Salad Seems Really Virtuous, Right? It’s Not.—Salad, it turns out, is really just leafy green water. By the time we pick a few leaves out of that plastic clamshell most of the nutrition is gone. Never mind the fact that people end up throwing away tons of salad greens every year. Just go with the frozen peas.

Butter In Your Coffee and Other Cons: Stories From a Fitness Insider—I am really glad that people are calling bullshit on the people behind so-called Bulletproof coffee and food fads. If someone is trying to sell you something it is high time to get a move on. It’s probably bullshit.

28 Historic Photos of Yosemite to Celebrate its 125th Anniversary—Sometimes we forget to appreciate the amazing places we can visit right here in the U.S. Take a moment and appreciate the sheer awesomeness of Yosemite.

Friday Linkage 9/2/2011

September is upon us and I have been preoccupied spending the last few days of summer consumed with making my own beer.  Oh well, to each his or her own.  The first carboy of beer is fermenting nicely in the basement as evidenced by the consistent stream of bubbles coming out of the fermentation lock and the kräusen is looking good.  I have put in an order for some more ingredients so that I can start to develop a signature style of beer.  On to the links…

Local Food Movement is Rooted in Globalization—Very interesting article on the origins of the foods that we consider to be local.  We, as humans, impact our environment to an unimaginable degree.

The Triumph of Jamie Oliver’s Nemesis—I firmly believe that what Jamie Oliver is trying to do with regard to school lunches is one of the most admirable endeavors undertaken by a celebrity in recent memory.  Too bad more people do not see the simple wisdom of feeding kids better food in the one environment that can be controlled.

LAUSD Hopes Kids will Actually Like Healthier Food—Maybe the message of the most recent season of Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution sunk in at the LAUSD.

Beavers are in Hot Demand—Not in the way that you might think if you are based in Nevada, but beavers are in high demand because the little animals are one of nature’s best engineers.  After eradicating the furry friends ranchers are finally realizing that the landscape benefits and humans cannot replicate thousands of years of evolution.  Imagine that.

Early Sign of the End of Bt Corn—It looks like the indiscriminate use of gene splicing to produce pest and herbicide resistant crops has actually now led to the creation of super pests and super weeds.  Then consider that the same thing is happening with antibiotics.  All so that we can eat more corn and soybean based products or raise animals in CAFOs.  Good choice.

Peer-to-Peer Pioneer Sees Bicycles Pier-to-Pier—Mark Gorton, known for his involvement with Limewire, has a vision of transportation and the automobile is not the central component.  It’s transportation on the human scale.