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Friday Linkage 4/21/2017

Jason Chaffetz chooses not to run in 2018.  John Ossoff almost pulled it off in deep red Georgia.  Damn. Things might actually be looking up.

Oh wait, Trump is talking tough about North Korea.  Mike Pence is talking tough about North Korea.  Is it time for the tail to wag the dog and our lunatic politicians to wrap themselves in the flag before starting a war.  Worked for W.  Too bad it did not work out for the country.

On to the links…

The United States of Work—Read this entire article before commenting or dashing off a response email.  Think about its implications.  Our private employers have become a de facto parallel state to the federal government.

7 Reasons Why Today’s Left Should be Optimistic—I have hope because when you actually ask people if they support things like single payer healthcare, social security, worker protections, etc. the support is overwhelming.  We just need to translate that support into votes.  Ahh, the easy stuff.

6 Ways Trump’s Administration Could Literally Make America More Toxic—Our vigilance is required more than ever.  Plus, we have the opportunity to hit members of Congress with the reality that they have supported an administration that has made the air and water we depend on for life more toxic.  Defend that in front of the people.

6 Times Trump’s EPA Head did Exactly what Industry Told Him To—Scott Pruitt is the fossil fuel industry’s meat puppet.  He does what they want and that has allowed him to rise to his current position.  He is not an original thinker or a policy professional.  He is a shill for fossil fuels.

The 3 Stages of a Country Embracing Renewable Energy—I’ve got a number thing going on this week.  It’s a little bit too much like Harvard writing, but the idea is important.  What the world will look like as countries enter into the third stage of renewable energy development will be critical to our future on this planet.

Climate’s New Best Friend—Get used to the term “stranded assets.”  Basically, oil companies made plans to develop fossil fuel sources when prices were high.  Now that oil is under $60 a barrel these projects are no longer cost competitive.  Hence, stranded assets.

Europe’s Coal Power Is Going up in Smoke – Fast—The death spiral is real in Europe.

Ice Energy & NRG Announce World’s Largest Ice Bear Energy Storage Deployment—Shifting peak electricity demand is a huge component of making our grid greener as the prime hours of solar production are just short of the peak demand from residential users.  Plus, the wind blows hard at night when no one is using electricity.  This is a low tech, established solution to shift demand to other times of the day.

Walmart Secures 40 MWh of Energy Storage for Southern California Stores—Big box stores are a prime location for energy storage.  Why?  Land, lots of land, parking lots, and a need to make sure that the freezers stay cold so they do not lose thousands of dollars’ worth of frozen pizzas in a power outage.  Helping to balance the demand load is a nice little side benefit.

Here’s What Our Food Might Look Like in a Climate Change-Induced Dystopia—Top Chef Hunger Games this is not.

Tokyo’s Skyline Set to See 45 New Skyscrapers by 2020 Olympics—When people tell me that we cannot quickly add buildings to our urban landscape for housing I wonder what they would say about Tokyo?

One Key Way Soggy California Could Save Water for the Next Dry Spell—California may be out of the worst of its recent drought, but the state is essentially on a roller coaster of moisture and has been for thousands of years.  Preparing the landscape for the next cycle is critical.

Why Shopping Should be a Last Resort—We should all have a copy of this taped to the door of our refrigerators at home:



Friday Linkage 10/30/2015

Sometimes events in the news make me think about the insanity of government spending. The JLENS blimp or aerostat broke free from its tether and went on an expensive version of Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride this week. The $2.5 BILLION device is considered by every watcher of the DoD to be a complete failure. Think about $2.5 billion dollars for a moment. While we argue about the impact of the production tax credit for wind or tax credits for solar the DoD just wasted $2.5 billion dollars and no one batted an eye. Eisenhower was right to warn us about the dangers of the military-industrial complex.

On to the links…

This Could Be the Worst Climate Crisis in the World Right Now—Indonesia is basically on fire. Land use patterns driven by the expansion of palm oil plantations exacerbated by climate change have led to almost unimaginable wildfires that are releasing bombs of carbon into the atmosphere.

West Virginia Power Company Admits Coal Is Doomed—When you are in the midst of a death spiral there is no escape. Coal companies now realize that the tide of public opinion has turned and a new energy era is dawning. I can hope, right?

How Offshore Wind Can Beat Natural Gas In The U.S.—If coal is down for the count, natural gas is next.

US Large-Scale Renewables Account For More Than 60% Of New Capacity—Here is why fossil fuels are in trouble. Most of the new capacity being brought online is from renewables. It’s an accelerating trend.

Florida Supreme Court Clears Hurdle Out Of The Way For Solar Power To Flourish—Florida should be awash in solar. Heck, it’s state nickname is the “Sunshine State.” However, policies put in place by politicians in bed with fossil fuels have curtailed solar’s market penetration.

Culling Fossil Fuel Subsidies Would Reduce Emissions By 11%—So, if people actually had to pay the fully burdened cost of fuel it is likely that they would consume less. Sounds like stuff people learn in the first few weeks of economics in college.

Energy Apps Have Potential To Save Customers 8% Average Savings—So, if people are given the data on how much energy they are consuming it is likely that they will take steps to consume less. Isn’t transparency one of the things that leads to more efficient decisions?

Morocco: Nearly 50% Renewable Electricity by 2020—So, in less than five years Morocco could be 50% powered by renewables. Damn.

African Lights: Microgrids are Bringing Power to Rural Kenya—Microgrids allow rural and isolated communities to skip centralized power distribution and get right to the business of delivering clean power to the people. Developing countries in Africa will likely lead because these countries do not have the investment in a centralized power grid.

Overcoming Energy Storage Challenges in the Australian Renewable Sector—The storage of energy produced by renewables is the next great technical hurdle now that the price issue has been resolved.

The Case for Bad Coffee—One day I will write the great American story centered around the joys of gas station coffee, which is best consumed at six in the morning with a stiff breeze blowing across most of western Nebraska right into your face. Until then this will have to do.

The States Trying To Regulate The Use Of Human Antibiotics In Livestock—This is one of the issues that we should all be paying attention to as the months and years progress. We need to push our political leaders to enact regulations reducing or eliminating the use of antibiotics in livestock for non-medical reasons and we need to demand antibiotic free meats as consumers. Better yet, just go vegan and avoid the meat.

The Hellish Conditions Facing Workers At Chicken Processing Plants—Here is another reason to avoid meat: the stuff is processed under horrible conditions. Actually, the correct term is hellish because only Dante could have come up with more awful sounding places to spend a lot of time. Even he might have blushed about the conditions of the people who handle our food.

World Health Organization: Processed Meat can Cause Cancer—Is everything out to kill us?

The 116 Things that can Give You Cancer—Why don’t they just say life. Life can give you cancer.

No, Eating Bacon is not the Same as Smoking Cigarettes—Whew! I got this going for me.