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Deschutes Brewery Pinedrops IPA

The second beer that I ended up with because of HyVee’s evil Fuel Saver program was Deschutes Brewery’s Pinedrops IPA:


This beer pours a lot lighter than Fresh Squeezed IPA. Therefore, I would classify this as a more traditional IPA versus the emerging American Pale Ale style of beer.

However, the light body does not provide a good sounding board for either the alcohol (6.5% ABV) or bitterness (70 IBU). Perhaps it is from the wide variety of hops used— Nugget, Northern Brewer, Chinook, Centennial, and Equinox hops—or the general level of bitterness, but this beer leaves a lingering after taste that is not particularly pleasant.

It reminds me, unfortunately, of a lot of early craft beer IPAs that left you with the feeling of having drank some bong water with your beer. Those brewers were trying to mask deficiencies in skill by piling on flavors and aromas. Having drank well done beers from Deschutes Brewery before I know there is no need for these brewers to be hiding because the talent is present in the brewhouse.

Also, with a name like Pinedrops I was expecting a heavy, resinous profile that almost made you think you were breathing in the air of a temperate coniferous rain forest. Was that too much to ask?

At this stage of the craft brewing industry in America we expect more from our IPAs:

One Mug Homebrew

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Spring Comes Early

I do not know if it is human caused global climate change or a single year anomaly, but spring really feels like it has come early this year.  Granted, the first day of spring–corresponding with the spring equinox–was March 20th this year.

It’s been in the 70s most days and the rain has not really set in making it feel like early summer more than the beginning of spring.  The blueberries I planted last year are budding out and the fruitless quince are really coming on strong:

I am just hoping that we do not get a killing frost that blackens everything that has budded out because of the early warm weather.  About eight years ago we had a similar weather pattern and the growing season was extremely difficult for perennials.