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Friday Linkage 11/16/2012

It’s good more than a week after the presidential election to wake up and realize all of the things that could have been different with a…shudder…President Mitt Romney.  Alas, that is something that we will have to confine to the parts of our soul where nightmares hide.  It’s the same place I have consigned Karl Rove to following his SuperPAC getting “monkey stomped.”

Rachel Maddow really lays it out for anyone who is interested.

On to the links…

Four African Girls Build Pee Powered Generator—This story has gotten a lot of run, but I love it nonetheless.  Maybe there is hope for us humans after all.

U.S. May be Top Oil Producer—If this is true than the “drill baby, drill” faction of the American public has to very excited.  Oh wait, those people never get their facts straight anyway.  Oh well, they pretty much got “monkey stomped” this past week so I will let it slide.

Pricing Carbon: Where We Are and Where We May be Going—The only way to systematically attack the problem of carbon contributing to global warming is to put a price on it, so that economic models can account for it.  Otherwise, it’s just an externality.

Post-Fossil Fuel Economy Already Emerging?—I do not know how much of this has to do with the recent recession or with an actual transition, but it’s an interesting idea nonetheless.

Algae Based Fuel on Sale in Bay Area—One step closer to powering my car on pond scum.  Scum baby, scum!

Voters Approve 81% of Conservation Ballot Initiatives—Speaking of getting “monkey stomped,” the people who hate the environment must really feel lonely in their Koch embrace because most people actually want to preserve the natural world and enjoy something pristine.  Imagine that?

Tackling Solar Costs from Every Angle—The real challenge facing the widespread adoption of residential or small scale commercial solar is the balance of system costs.  The price of solar panels themselves are no longer the impediment, but rather all the other stuff including permits that are required to start generating free electricity from the sun.

The Muddy Minnesota River Comes Back to Life—A real success story of the Clean Water Act and the action of state government has to be Minnesota’s efforts to clean up its river.  The story about the Minnesota River is the latest success story.  Skol!

How to Grow All Your Food on One Tenth of an Acre—This seems like a little bit too intensive, but maybe there are some lessons that can be applied to getting food out of all these suburban lots dotting the United States.

Industrial Scale Hog Farms Screw Farmers and Small Towns—Industrial hog farms or CAFOs are pretty much one of the worst things on the planet for everyone involved except for the big meat packers who love the system.  Everyone gets screwed.  Thankfully Linn County, where I live in Iowa, rejected the latest attempt to build a new CAFO in the county.