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Friday Linkage 8/28/2020

Just when you think that the world has not gotten crazy enough, it goes out and decides to get all Myrtle Beach drunk on you.

Someone was joking about what would be the next disaster to befall us in 2020, but no one else really thought it was a joke.  If frogs started to fall from the sky it would not be very surprising.  Really, as long as we avoid the whole plague of boils thing I might consider us winning.

Stay safe out there.

On to the links…

Can We Survive Extreme Heat?—Get ready.  It was already 130 degrees Fahrenheit in Death Valley.

Revealed: How the Gas Industry is Waging War Against Climate Action—The fossil fuel industry does not care about the future beyond the day when its latest earnings come in.  Everything else is subservient to making more money including the future of a habitable Earth for human beings.

Insurance Giant Suncorp to End Coverage and Finance for Oil and Gas Industry—Actuaries may be fairly boring, but when they decide it is no longer prudent to insure oil and gas projects you better pay attention.  Credit and coverage are the lifeblood of modern business models.  Without them nothing is scalable.

Oil Frackers Are Breaking Records Again – In Bankruptcy Court—Fracking is an industry that has done one thing really well…burn through cash.  It’s like they were trying to warm themselves by lighting dollar bills on fire.

Norway Plans to Drill for Oil in Untouched Arctic Areas—Does it seem like a bad idea to go drilling for oil in an inhospitable place of pristine nature during a time when oil prices are low with no indication that higher prices will return?

Nearly Half of Germany’s Electricity has Come from Wind and Solar this Year—If Germany can get to half can’t just about every other Western nation state do the same?  Hell, Iowa is on track to get 50% of its electricity from wind and this is no hippie paradise.

11% EV Market Share In Germany! Let The Disruption Begin!—I am sure that if I look hard enough I can find articles that state there is no possible way that EVs can gain more than 5% or share or 10% share.  Just like renewable energy before it, the better solution will find a way.

Transitioning to Renewable Energy Isn’t So Simple. Just Look at California.—California’s story is about so much more than just the availability of electricity.  It is about an ageing power distribution infrastructure that has been allowed to rot.  It is about bad development decisions that favored inefficient and expensive single family homes almost to a degree that is illogical.

Electric Trucks Are Coming. Where Should They Go?—My suggestion is heavily populate areas on the eastern seaboard where trucks do not have to travel as far compared with the rest of the country, but where the concentration of people creates a lot of exposure to pollutants.  Or, just send them everywhere.

What Contains 3 Times More Energy Than Gasoline, But Produces Zero CO2?—The hydrogen economy is like the villain in a teen slasher movie.  It just keeps coming back from the dead no matter how many times it is killed.  I swear by now we are well past the credits for the third or fourth sequel but here comes hydrogen again.

The Biblical Flood That Will Drown California—California is a place defined by natural disasters.  The crazy thing about this flood is that it occurred within the time when photographs could record the results.  This is not some part of the fossil record.  It is part of our modern history and it could happen again.

Hong Kong’s Terracotta Tile Army Marches to the Rescue for Coral—If this really works, what would it take to scale the idea across a lot of different areas with damaged reefs?  Like oyster reefs being constructed from discarded oyster shells that restaurants collect this seems like a no brainer.

Mobile Canning Is Saving That Local Beer You Love—Now, go out and buy a six pack of that beer from your local brewery.  If you do not that brewery may not be around much longer.  You do not want to be forced into drinking Keystone Light, do you?

The Pandemic Is No Match for the Pumpkin Spice Latte—Oh sweet Jesus, it has begun.

Friday Linkage 12/6/2019

I drive by the signs advertising Ronald Reagan’s childhood home frequently when traveling to the Chicagoland area.  It is just too delicious that the patron saint of government bashing’s house is going to be administered by the government.

Or maybe the problem is that people really do not care all that much about hypocrites like Ronald Reagan.

On to the links…

The Economics behind Planting Billions and Billions of Trees–To bastardize a saying of Michael Pollan’s, “Plant trees, on appropriate land, mostly native species.”  It is a simple action that really has no downside. If we focus on areas that have been logged, burned over, or denuded by other means it will reintroduce tree cover to appropriate lands.

The World’s Top 10 Carbon Dioxide Emitters–Take a look:


The future of the Earth rests in the hands of China, the United States, and India.

This Energy Transition Is Different. Here’s Why–I applaud Andy Stone for pointing out that the key ingredient missing in the transition to a fossil free future is sufficient political will on the part of all politicians, but particularly those leaning with a conservative bent.  Our politics are bought and paid for by fossil fuels.

Spain Might Be The World’s Most Important Climate Test–How did we end up in an era where our political choices are being defined by progressives facing off against neo-fascists?

CO2-Eating Bacteria Made in the Lab Could Help Tackle Climate Change–Does this sound like the beginning to a young adult dystopian novel?

Let’s Implement a Luxury Carbon Tax, because not all Carbon is Created Equally–Let’s start with first class and business class airline flights.  Say $25 per ticket. All funds to be spent on reforestation.

Renewables are Not Making Electricity any More Expensive–Economics is a health of a thing.

Utilities Running Uneconomic Coal Plants Cost Consumers $3.5 Billion From 2015-2017–Coal is costing you money.

Average Battery Prices Fell To $156 Per kWh In 2019–Here is the key line: “this year the average EV battery pack prices decreased to around $156/kWh, which is some 87% less than it was in 2010 (over $1,100/kWh).”  In less than a decade’s time the average price has decreased almost 90%.

Are Electric Vehicles Really About To Plateau Oil Demand?–Plateaued oil demand is bad enough, but even a lower growth model will doom many higher cost oil plays in the short term.  EVs are part of the problem for oil demand, but just as important are tighter regulations on fossil fuel emissions in general.

Coal Power Becoming ‘Uninsurable’ as Firms Refuse Cover–If you cannot get insurance, you cannot operate.  I am sure that Donald Trump and his coal dust caked cronies will come up with a government backed reinsurance scheme to make sure that people like Bob Murray can profit from killing the planet.

Why Aren’t We Building a Traveling Wave Reactor in the U.S.?–Nuclear power always seems like it is an answer to our electricity problems until you account for all of the problems that nuclear power creates.  I am unwilling to hop on the traveling wave reactor bandwagon, but maybe Bill Gates is on to something. At least he is not spending his money on running for president.

Biofuels Could Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions By 96%–If nuclear seems like the holy grail of energy security, biofuels have to be the One True Cross of energy security.  At what point do we give up on the idea of liquid biofuels?

Agriculture is Part of the Climate Change Problem. Colorado Wants Farmers’ Soil to be Part of the Solution.–Improving soil health across grazing and other agricultural lands is probably one of the biggest “gains” we can make in the war against climate change.  Furthermore, increases in soil health and captured carbon will improve our ability to feed more people.

Chew On This: Farmers Are Using Food Waste To Make Electricity–Every kilowatt hour of electricity generated without the use of fossil fuels is a good thing.  Using a waste product to generate that electricity is like a double bonus.

DiGiorno and Stouffer’s Bring Plant-Based ‘Meat’ to Frozen Italian Food–If you do not think that plant based meat stand-ins are mainstream then how do you explain it being available in frozen pizza and lasagna?  Maybe it will be considered mainstream when there is a Jack’s frozen pizza with plant based pepperoni on sale for 4 for $10.

How Our Home Delivery Habit Reshaped the World–In an age of ubiquitous and pervasive shopping opportunities we need to radically rethink our relationship with consumerism.

Green Consumerism Is Part of the Problem–There is no such thing as “green consumerism.”  There is just “less bad consumerism.” Once we understand and internalize the reality that we cannot buy our way out of the problem of climate change, the sooner everyone will be better for it.