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Friday Linkage 10/9/2020

It’s a furlough Friday, which means…nothing.  All of this time off of work and nowhere to go.  It’s frustrating, but I suppose these are first world problems.

Stay safe out there.

On to the links…

Is Net Zero Emissions an Impossible Goal?—It is not am impossible goal.  It is a goal that forces us to question what we truly value vis a vis the climate impacts those activities have.

The Human Error Darwin Inspired—It is amazing the mental gymnastics that some people will endure to justify their inaction on climate change.  Is Darwin to blame?

The Deep Anthropocene—We have changed the landscape before and we are doing it again.

Amazon Near Tipping Point of Switching from Rainforest to Savannah— This is bad.

How Psilocybin Can Save the Environment—Maybe if we did not think we were the center of the universe, we could—as a species—actually contribute something positive.

Coal Baron Who Fought to Weaken Black Lung Protections Files for Black Lung Benefits—You cannot make this stuff up.  If you thought Bob Murray was a cartoon villain before you are going to love this version of America’s last coal baron.

GE Dumps Coal Power and Pivots to Wind—I guess Bob Murray is just trying to “get his” while the coal industry watches industry giant after industry giant run away from the black rock.

The UK Wants to Power All Homes with Offshore Wind by 2030—I do not believe a word that Boris Johnson says, but this would be amazing.

Top Solar Power States Per Capita—It always surprises me how high Massachusetts is on these lists.  That is not a state I ever think of when it comes to solar power. 

Leading Steel Maker In US Pivots To Renewable Energy, Ditches Coal— Metallurgical coal was one of the bright spots for the industry, but even steel makers are making the switch away from burning a black rock to get things done.

The Pandemic could End Texas’s Oil Boom—and Start Something Better— Just like the situation where Texas goes “blue,” a switch to a renewables based energy economy might just be transformative for the entire country.

‘Green Hydrogen’ from Renewables could Become Cheapest ‘Transformative Fuel’ within a Decade—Hydrogen always seems to rear its ugly head every few years as a “viable” solution.  With renewables building out in huge numbers the time may finally have come for so-called “green hydrogen.”

Amazon Debuts Electric Delivery Vans Created with Rivian—This is big because Amazon owns a lot of delivery vehicles and has plans to own a lot more.  It is also big because it is the type of contract that will allow Rivian to survive the early go-to-market pains of any manufacturer.

Here’s What Tahoe has Learned from 36 Years of Prescribed Burns—It has been said many times before that the American west is a land shaped by fire.  Not scarred by fire, but shaped by the elemental force.  We, as humans, have made the situation worse.

What America’s Smallest Cities Can Teach the Country About Biking to Work—Too often we look to the “mega” cities like New York City, Chicago, and Los Angeles for solutions when we need to look at smaller cities.

Friday Linkage 2/9/2018

So Herr Trump wants a parade down Pennsylvania Avenue now.  Why?  Probably because he got to go to a parade in France and he cannot be upstaged by the French.

Can we just allow this doofus to get a few parades, drive a few tanks, make a few speeches, and let him believe he is the President of the United States while some adults actually do the governing?  I do not think that I can take three more years of this clown.

On to the links…

The Dark Reason so Many Millennials are Miserable and Broke—This is a lot more important than I think even the authors believe.  People are literally living in a way that is trying to compete with complete strangers on social media platforms and it’s killing them.  Not literally, which has to be the millennials favorite word, but spiritually.  Just stop.

Why Trump Wants to Repeal an Obama-Era Clean Water Rule—The reason why he wants to repeal this rule has to do with him hating anything to do with Obama and Scott Pruitt being a toady for industry.  The real question will be what these stooges come up with to replace the current rules.

Every Climate Denier in Trump’s Cabinet—It is always good to see what kind of no talent ass clowns Trumps has surrounded himself with these days.  Now, it is likely that by the end of the month several of these people will have angered the head cheese puff so take it with a grain of salt.

A Beginner’s Guide to the Debate over 100% Renewable Energy—No one knows what is possible or probable because the assumptions we make today will not be in valid in three to five years anyway.  The one thing I think we all can agree on is that clean energy is better than fossil fuel energy.  Anything after that is just a discussion about degrees of development.

Regulatory Relief Didn’t Help Coal Industry in 2017 and Can’t Save it in 2018—Trump can hold a hundred rallies and talk about “beautiful clean coal” all he wants because the market does not want it anymore.  It’s called a death spiral for a reason.

Coal’s Foes and Friends get Fired up in Hearing Over Future of Xcel Plants in Colorado—This is like trench warfare.  Each coal plant that gets retired is not going to be replaced with other coal fired power, so it is gone forever.  However, you have to fight every battle anew and each fight is entered with renewed vigor by all sides.

5 Graphs Explain Coal in Trump’s First Year—It’s not a pretty picture if you like “beautiful clean coal.”

Squaw Valley to Be First Ski Resort in U.S. to Run Just on Renewables—If you ski then you understand how at risk our pastime is to the impacts of climate change.  The powers that be running these ski resorts are woke to the reality.

Australian Solar Installs Are Going Through The Roof—Australia can feel like the future and a vision of the past all at the same time.

Tesla To Construct Virtual Solar Power Plant Using 50,000 Homes In South Australia—Let’s consider Australia to be the laboratory for what large scale solar power integrating into a larger grid looks like for the future of every sunny place in the world.  If they get it figured out we just scale it worldwide.

Nebraska Republican Seeks to Hobble Wind Power by Redefining it as Not ‘Renewable’—This is why Nebraska should not be allowed to have nice things.

What Bison in South Dakota can Teach us About Fighting Climate Change—Land use and agriculture are two areas where we can make dramatic gains in the fight against catastrophic climate change without having to confront the same demons of the fossil fuel industrial complex.

Being A Homebody Has A Surprising Environmental Upside—Anyone who spends a bunch of time at home—like me—understands this almost implicitly.  Once you get away from the temptation of online shopping—buying stuff is not good no matter how green the product—it becomes almost like a passion project.

Climate Strange—Maybe we should all just embrace a little bit of our weird side.  I got looked at a little bit strange when I put solar panels on my roof, but now at least a half dozen homes have panels on the roof in my neighborhood.  Who’s strange now?  Hopefully my bike commuting catches on in a similar way.

H&M is Closing Stores as Sales Shrink—Could we finally be reaching a point when we are past peak fast fashion crap?