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Friday Linkage 7/28/2017

I have been a little lax on posting some things lately and I have no excuse other than work, children, life in general…you get the idea.  My hope is to have an update on my upcoming solar photovoltaic system soon and some thoughts on other ways to really embrace a lower carbon life here in middle America.

On to the links…

Vail Resorts Promises to Eliminate Emissions, Waste and Offset Forest Impact by 2030—Welcome to the party Vail Resorts.

Trump Nominates Sam Clovis, a Dude Who Is Not a Scientist, to Be Department of Agriculture’s Top Scientist—This is what happens when you elect people who profess to hate government and expertise in general to run the government.  You get people who are unqualified for the job screwing up and then claiming afterwards, “I told you government does not work.  See?”

The Quieter Monument Battles to Watch—Donald Trump and Ryan Zinke’s assault on our national monuments is, to put it mildly, monumentally unpopular.  Remember, this is a man who can lose the popular vote  by nearly three million votes and claim with a straight face that he had the most lopsided electoral victory in history.  Nothing is beyond the pale for these people.

As Outdoor Retailer Show Packs up for Colorado, Industry Flexes Political Muscle in U.S. Land Fight—The people who love the outdoors are being heard.  The companies who make money off the people who love the outdoors are making their voices heard.  This is no small change and it represents a viable path forward to protect our access to public lands.

Are Renewables Set to Displace Natural Gas?—Europe and the U.S. are very different places, so extrapolating upon trends from on to the other is dangerous.  However, I wonder what will happen if natural gas experiences price spikes like it has in the past.  Will renewables rush to fill the void left by coal as the second choice when natural gas gets pricey?

Seven Charts Show Why the IEA Thinks Coal Investment Has Already Peaked—Coal is in all kinds of death spirals right now.  The decline in investment is a long term impediment to their being any revival in coal’s fortunes.

“Clean Coal” Is A Political Myth, Says Coal Company Owner—Robert Murray is the gift that keeps on giving.  After John Oliver went after him using public statements and other records that were readily available he just keeps on opening his mouth.  Gotta’ love a rich man with no filter…oh wait, that is the clown we have in the White House.

Peeling Back the Red Tape to Go Solar—The run around and red tape dance has been the most frustrating part of getting my solar photovoltaic system installed on my roof.  Yet, I still have more hoops to jump through once the system is actually installed.  None of it is value added and all of it costs either money or time.  Ugh.

Straus Family Creamery Powered by Cow Gas—Why don’t we have a government program to install one of these systems at every dairy farm or other large livestock operation in the United States?

This Beautiful but Toxic Weed Could Make you go Blind—Giant hogweed is no joke.  I have friends with the burn scars from the sap to prove it.

Minimalism Is Just Another Boring Product Wealthy People Can Buy—I have always found it ironic that people buy books or attend seminars about minimalism.  Shouldn’t the idea be somewhat self-apparent with a little reflection?

Debunking What the Health, the Buzzy New Documentary that Wants You to be Vegan—Veganism has become the new snake oil for a lot of people.  It will not cure all that ails us and to pretend otherwise is to traffic in the same dreck that has gotten us into this mess.

Beer Sales are Down…Especially Among the Millennials—Millennials are trying to wreck everything.

A Cut Above: Two Axe-Throwing Venues Carve Out a Niche in Denver—Axe throwing venue?  Peak hipster?


Friday Linkage 10/23/2015

I am not a big fan of Joe Biden’s politics, but I love Joe Biden as a personality on the national stage. Our politicians lack the personality—Donald Trump excluded—of yesteryear and Biden was a throwback to a more entertaining time. I guess that I will just have to “feel the Bern!”

On to the links…

Buying Begets Buying: How Stuff has Consumed the Average American’s Life—We have become defined by our possessions and the pursuit of those possessions. It is, perhaps, the saddest commentary on a society. When did our stuff start to own us?

This is the One Change by Millennials that will Change Absolutely Everything—So, millennials are not the driving obsessives that baby boomers were and baby boomers are aging, thus driving less. What is the prognosis? A major shift in how we develop or, rather, redevelop our infrastructure to accommodate a less car-centric future.

What I Learnt from a Month Cycling in the Netherlands—If we could all be just a little bit more like the Netherlands when it comes to bicycles the world would be a much better place.

EU Emissions Down 23 Percent, Passing 2020 Target—Part of this success is that warmer winters have led to less demand for heating, but the numbers are a good sign and prove that progress can be made when the right mechanisms are deployed.

There’s No Moderation in Republicans’ Dirty Energy Plans—Like tax cuts, Republicans have no new ideas when it comes to energy. “Drill, baby drill” is about as deep a thought as most right wingers put behind energy policy.

A Utah Power Plant’s Scheme To Circumvent The Clean Water Act—You have got to love the cajones of a power plant to just buy a farm and use dirty water as irrigation water in an attempt to circumvent the Clean Water Act.

Mexico Planning $46 Billion Coast-to-Coast Wind Energy Push—Canada elected a government dedicated to increasing green energy and Mexico is making a big push. Now that the U.S. is bookended by progress maybe Republicans will get their heads out of their…oh wait, no chance of that happening.

A Lesson In Solar From A Northern Neighbor—If Ontario can make solar a big part of the energy portfolio there is not a single place in the United States where solar cannot be a major part of the energy portfolio.

Study finds Plastic Debris and Man-Made Fibers in Fish Sold in Markets—If you have a hard time believing plastic is a problem for our oceans, believe this. The fish you are buying at the market probably has plastic in it. If there is shit in the beef, there is plastic in the tuna.

Researchers Find an Answer to Invasive Cheatgrass—It looks like the answer to solving the cheatgrass puzzle was right under our noses the whole time. Not literally.

Every Year, 23,000 People End Up in the ER because of Herbal Supplements and Vitamins—Just because it is “herbal” does not make it safe and that assumes that what is printed on the bottle is actually what is in the pills. Remember, there is little to no oversight of the supplement industry because supplement companies like it that way.

Hi-Tech Agriculture is Freeing the Farmer from his Fields—There is some interesting technology being deployed, but it seems like the technology is being used to prop up a bad business model of gigantic industrial farming.

Subway to Transition to Meat Raised without Antibiotics—Call it another brick in the wall, but we seem to be making progress in taking antibiotics out of the production of meat. If this issue is propping up as something for Subway to address than you know it has made the mainstream.

India’s Antibiotic-Resistant Superbug Problem Is Spreading—If you do not think antibiotic resistance is important, read this.

Struggling Monarchs get Help from Unlikely Source as Californians Plant Drought-Happy Milkweed—There is little good news coming out of California’s nearly five year long drought, but the rise of natural drought tolerant landscapes is helping to create oases for monarch butterflies.