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What’s in the Box: Nomadik February 2017

Apparently I am a difficult person to buy gifts for owing to my general lack of things that I “need” and a vehement insistence that people do not need to buy me things to celebrate milestones like birthdays.  In the absence of direction a family member went out and purchased a six month “subscription” to Nomadik.

I am a little late to the entire subscription box idea.  What started as a way for makeup aficionados to have new products delivered to their door for a nominal price relative to the retail price of the goods in the box has morphed into an entire industry.  This industry caters to every possible niche imaginable.  Nomadik is the subscription box that centers its offering around adventurers.  The target market is the type of person who travels, reads Outside, considers a ski pass to be a good investment…oh shit, that sounds like me.

So, what is in the box:


The Parks Project “Park Watcher” beanie is a comfortable, if somewhat standard, knit beanie for those cold mornings:


The idea here, in my estimation, is that I am being exposed to the Parks Project brand.  It’s interesting.  Parks Project sells items—usually clothing—for which the proceeds will benefit projects within a particular national park or generically the national parks in general.  Love Rocky Mountain National Park?  Buy the t-shirt and support habitat restoration.  Maybe in an era when Donald Trump is directing the federal budget such private support will become more critical than ever before.

Plus, the beanie is “Made in the U.S.A.”  In these times of Trumpian bloviating and blustering it is good to find something that would meet with the approval of the Donald.

Nomadik included three Ritual Energy peanut butter and chocolate caffeinated energy snacks:


These little buggers claim to contain the same amount of caffeine as a single cup of coffee, which I have always found to be a problematic unit of measure given the differences in brewing coffee.  My grandmother’s coffee probably had about a tenth the amount of caffeine as a regular cup of coffee because she used so few grounds and what was there was cut with chicory.  My friend makes a pot of coffee with about a half pound of grounds, so I imagine these would not have the same impacts.  As of right now, Ritual Energy only offers these little nuggets of caffeinated goodness in a single flavor.  My intent is to pack these for my upcoming ski trip and use them on mountain.  Risky?  Sure, but so is strapping wooden sticks to your feet and sliding down a mountain covered in frozen water.

What person do you know that spends any times outdoors that cannot find a use for another carabiner:


The Mizu collapsible shot glass is kind of a throwaway for me:


I rarely drink anything that would come in a shot glass sized serving preferring drip coffee over shots of espresso and IPAs over shots of Fireball.  It might however make a nice little re-gift option for my friends who do tend to favor the harder stuff.

Overall, a winner with the beanie, a couple of so-so items, and a throwaway in the shot glass.  A bonus is that included in the box were coupon codes for the Parks Project and Ritual Energy, so if you were a fan you could feed your need for a little less money.  I am interested to see what future boxes hold over the next five months, but I am not totally sold on the concept right now.

Stuff I Like: Kleen Kanteen Insulated Tumbler

I drink beer. No big surprise. In the summer I like to spend my time enjoying a beer outside whether it’s watching my kids play on the swing set or enjoying a balmy summer evening. The only problematic part of al fresco beer consumption in the summer is that glass is breakable, sweats a lot, and does not do a great job of keeping the liquid cold.

Those plastic tumblers with freezer gel lining the walls of the glass have always struck me as something more appropriate for candy colored mixed drinks and do not get me started on why disposable cups are a non-starter. Enter my newly purchased Kleen Kanteen Insulated Tumbler:

Kleen Kanteen

It’s a vacuum insulated stainless steel tumbler that is sixteen ounces in size. Simply put, it will keep the right amount of liquid—a pint—cold longer than a normal glass—due to the vacuum insulation—with no fear of breakage—because it is constructed from 18/8 stainless steel. 18/8 is a 300 series stainless steel that is generally regarded as one of the “food grade” stainless steels commonly in use. Properly cared for, assuming the vacuum insulation does not fail, this cup should be with me for a long time.

Another reason I am a fan of using a stainless steel cup is that there is little risk of chemicals leaching from the material itself into my drink. With plastic you never know what the chemical composition of the material may be and, thus, you can never really be sure about what chemicals might be taking a free ride into your stomach. Ugh.

The tumbler is expensive at ~$25, but considering that it is a long term investment I have no qualms about spending a little more. For those of you looking to complete the adult Sippy cup experience there is also a lid.

NOTE: I purchased this Kleen Kanteen Insulated Tumbler with my own funds, receive no compensation from the company, and do not expect to receive any kind of benefit. I truly like the product.