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Friday Linkage 1/20/2017

It will be official in a little bit, but Donald J. Trump is the President of the United States.  If the recent confirmation hearings are any indication we are in for many years of incompetent officials, corrupt hangers on, and a Republican led Congress that cares more about scoring long sought after political points rather than actually helping people.

Get used to it because according to experts the spate of gerrymandering in 2010 will continue in 2020.  To actually flip control of Congress to Democrats would take an estimated Presidential election vote share of approximately 60%.  The best that we can hope for is a prevention of the most extreme Republican agenda via the filibuster and that the Trump administration is so horrible that people actually wake up.  I am not holding my breath.

On to the links…

Iowa to See Fewer ‘Nice’ Days—Freaking climate change.  Yuck it up all you want about global warming making winter milder—which sucks for people who actually like winter—but a world where Iowa is more humid in the summer is the definition of hell.

People Still Don’t Know Obamacare is Just a Nickname for the ACA—Jimmy Kimmel may be doing it on late night television, but there are a lot of voters looking around wondering when Trump is going to repeal Obamacare and what that means for their state exchange or Medicare expansion. Guess what morons?  It’s going to suck.

Lessons for Navigating the Trump Economy — Drawn from the Developing World—Get ready for corruption on a yuge scale.  Imagine if any of Hilary Clinton’s potential cabinet secretaries had been accused of making stock purchases and writing favorable legislation?  Republicans would be livid. Now that it is their guy all we hear are crickets.  What a joke.

Trump’s Tax Trumpery—Get ready for the tax cut idol to make its appearance and for Republicans to prostrate themselves before its purity.  However, as this article lays out, tax cuts do not produce widespread economic growth because the benefits are concentrated on a few individuals.  You know, like the 8 people who have assets worth as much as half of the world’s population.

China Halts Over 100 Coal Power Projects—China is trying to kick its dirty coal habit.  It will be hard.  It will probably be expensive.  It might just be the last hope we have for the climate.

The Year Coal Collapsed: 2016 was a Turning Point for Britain’s Electricity—Few countries are as tied historically to the industrial revolution and the concurrent rise of coal power as the United Kingdom.  That same United Kingdom now gets less than 10% of its electricity from coal.  It can be done.

World Needs to Invest $25 trillion in New Oil Capacity over Next 25 years—That number is crazy.  Why not invest $1 trillion per year in renewables?  Oh right, this is coming from the guy running Saudi Arabia’s state owned oil company.

The Sleeping Giant Stirs: Russia Revs Up Renewable Tech—I suppose with the incoming administration that Russia is our new bae.  At least the news is not all bad in Putin-land.

When Will the Chevrolet Bolt Glide Into Your State? Find Out Here—Do you want a Chevy Bolt?  Get ready to wait unless you live in a state that did not vote for Donald Trump:


Go Ahead, Wander Your Way—I spend a lot of time outdoors and there is a lot of judgment by people enjoying the outdoors.  Does it really matter why you are getting outside if you are still getting outside? I say that it does not.

The Hermit Who Inadvertently Shaped Climate-Change Science—I wonder if true eccentrics are gone from our lives forever in a world where everything is documented on Facebook or Instagram.  Long live the freaks.


Friday Linkage 6/15/2012

It looks like parts of Iowa are tipping into drought.  It just feels dry outside right now.  The air positively crackles like I remember it used to when I lived in Tucson.  I suppose if it were 90 degrees with 80% humidity I would be complaining as well.  At least I would not have to water my plants if it would actually rain.

On to the links…

U.S. Solar Installations Continue to Surge in 2012—Lost in the Republican noise machine is the fact that solar power in the United States is doing quite well.  Installations continue to surge and all that clean power is flowing to the grid.  The thing I think opponents hate the most about solar is that it seems like magic.  Put some panels on a roof, the sun comes out, and electricity is produced.  Come to think of it, that does sound kind of like magic.

The Reality of China’s Emissions—China is not telling the whole truth about its emissions?  No way!  Oh wait, the difference between official numbers and reality could be the size of Japan’s emissions?  That’s not a fib, that’s just downright criminal.  If you tell a big enough lie…

W.H.O. Says Diesel Fumes Cause Lung Cancer—This is one of those not really surprising, but important anyway announcements.  Every time I see a school bus or garbage truck belching out a plume of black smoke I think that this would be one of the lowest hanging fruit to help clean the air.

The American Diet in One Chart—Basically, we eat processed food.  That is the problem.

What’s Really in Your Steak—Who would have thought that the filet mignon I ordered—okay I did not really order a steak, it’s a rhetorical device, would actually be formed from a selection of scrap cuts.  First it was pink slime and not it is meat glue.  Maybe we should just reduce our appetite for meat in general.  I know, crazy hippie talk.

What About the Food Workers—Mark Bittman nails it again.  We worry about the source of our food and we worry about the personal economy of the farmers who grow that food, but we scarcely pay a moment’s thought to the people who cook, serve, and clean up after our meals out of the home.  Why?  Check out the ROC National Diners’ Guide to see what eateries are doing a good job and which ones just plain suck.

How Broccoli Became a Symbol in the Health Care Debate—Why do people hate on broccoli so much?  Is it because broccoli is healthy?  Is it because they have repressed memories of their parents telling them to eat their broccoli in some infantile version of the nanny state they abhor?  Word to the wise: broccoli rules!

Small Batch Canning—Canning always seems like such a daunting task.   The equipment is large, the recipes are large, the workload is large, and so on.  Obviously, someone else feels the same way.

Simple Solar Water Heater—I always think about the properties of solar hot water heat when I feel the first few seconds of water flowing out of my hose after it has been in the sun for an afternoon.  It’s amazing how much thermal energy can be stored in a small amount of hose.  Hmmm…

Green the Sahel—If we are going to survive the changes in our climate brought about by human activities, we are going to have to be able to create microclimates conducive to survival. As this article shows, the importance of trees can hardly be overstated.  Maybe the future can be secured one sapling at a time.

Dumping Ground Becomes Desert Oasis—Sometimes, a good story can even come from the belly of the petrochemical beast.  Fossil fuel peddler Saudi Arabia has turned a dumping ground near Riyadh into an oasis of green.