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Rod Blum’s Terrible, No Good Couple of Days in the Cedar Valley

Rod Blum is having a terrible time here in the Cedar Valley the past couple of days.  Hot on the heels of his miserable performance in an interview with my new hero Josh Scheinblum where he stormed off after being asked a question about campaign contributions, the congressman for the 1st district held town halls in Cedar Rapids and Cedar Falls.  Things went about as well as anyone could have hoped.

In Cedar Rapids the crowd was primed to ask lots of questions about health care and ask they did.  You can see the highlights of the town hall here. The gist of things is that people are unhappy that Rod Blum voted for a health care overhaul that was pushed through congress without a score by the CBO, without any substantial hearings, and without any substantial public comment.

Remember, Paul Ryan—the beady eyed leader of this gang—criticized the passage of the Affordable Care Act for all the same reasons even though that process took a year.  I guess that Republicans were just all too giddy to screw people over.  Just look at the happiness in Jason Chaffetz’s face as he comes back from surgery on a pre-existing condition to gut your health care:


His heart is racing with the possibility that now is the time he gets to put his big boy pants on and really screw over some little people.  Gotta’ get more tax cuts for the millionaires and billionaires who make the Republicans go.

Back to our embattled congressman Rod Blum.  Things went even worse for Blum in Cedar Falls.  Seeking to placate the crowd he told them how he did not agree with the process of passing the bill before knowing the costs.  Instead of voting against the bill, which a single vote from any Republican would have killed the passage, he vote for the bill.  Nothing shows how resistant you are to something like voting for its passage.

Rod Blum does not represent the first district of Iowa.  Hell, he does not represent the state of Iowa or any of our interests.  He represents Rod Blum and the people who pay to keep him in Washington D.C.  Who is that?  Outside groups like American Action Network spent big to keep him in office.  Who is the American Action Network?  It’s a dark money front founded by Norm Coleman, the former Republican senator from Minnesota who lost to Al Franken.


Boosting the Local Economy

I cannot speak well of the results of the election in Iowa, but I can find a few grains of optimistic thought.

Iowa was not North Carolina where the race between incumbent Kay Hagan and Thom Tillis is estimated to have cost more than $110 million. That is right, more than $110 million was spent on a single Senate race in a mid-term election.

In Iowa it is estimated that almost $80 million was spent on the race between Bruce Braley and Joni “Make ‘em squeal” Ernst. Do you realize how much air time $80 million buys in the state of Iowa? It is an insane amount of money.

Consider that in 2012 the Republican candidates for President spent approximately $12.5 million prior to the January caucus.  More than six times that amount was spent on this single senate race in a mid-term election.  For anyone who does not think that outside group spending is polluting the political process I give you this single example.

While the result is disgusting at least that money was pumped into the local economy. Every four years when the crazy train that is the caucus rolls around everyone talks about how local media outlets love all the spending. Now it looks like every two years we might be seeing that kind of stimulus if outside spending continues to taint the political process.

Granted, this is probably just some trickle down or voodoo economics at work.