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Friday Linkage 10/5/2012

October is here!  It’s really not a lot different than the last week of September, but the turning of another calendar page makes it seem different.  Casseroles in the oven, apple pie scents wafting through the house, my daughter sneaking an extra marshmallow for her hot cocoa…

The next couple of nights are supposed to bring temperatures below 30 degrees Fahrenheit for eastern Iowa.  Yippee!  A lot of people do not appreciate the changing of the seasons—hoping for the mind numbingly consistent weather of the sunbelt.  There is something about the change of the seasons that is revitalizing to the soul.  Break out the fleece!

On to the links…

Debunking the Supposed Decline in Clean Energy—Republicans and their media minions—yes, I am looking at you Fox News—have never let the facts about clean energy get in the way of a good sound bite.  It’s all Solyndra, all the time.

Solyndra Hypocrisy Illustrated—Speaking of Solyndra, just take a look at the relative magnitude of the loss that the loan program endured:

Clean Energy Showdown in Arizona—Why Arizona has not whole heartedly embraced solar photovoltaics is beyond me.  Why it is even a discussion is beyond me.

How CAFE Killed Compact Pickups and Station Wagons—The guys over at The Truth About Cars have done an excellent job showing how the complicated mechanics behind the CAFE rules have killed entire classes of vehicles.

Mississippi River at its Healthiest in a Generation—Success stories like this need to get more publicity.  When I was a small child growing up near the Mississippi River we treated it like it was a Superfund site.  You did not swim near the river.  You did not eat fish from the river.  Heck, you felt scared to even look at the river for fear of some toxic river monster leaping out to grab you.  Not so much anymore.

How Food Justice Starts at Home—The intersection of environmental and social justice is best exemplified in any movement to improve our food—including the quality of the food and the conditions under which it is produced.

“Pink Slime” Lawsuit May be Frivolous, but it Could Chill Speech—The people behind everyone’s favorite gross meat additive are suing ABC News for airing a story about pink slime.  Never mind that the specifics had been in the press for years and it was just a moment of cultural zeitgeist that propelled the issue to the forefront.  Nope, these guys are going to court.  Good luck.

New Breed of Hunter Shoots, Eats, and Tells—It’s funny that this is a new trend because I knew people growing up in southeastern Minnesota who had freezers full of meat that they had personally “harvested” from the woods.  I guess if Mark Zuckerberg does it, it’s a trend.

Repair Still Rules in India, Can America Bring it Back?—Repairing things in the U.S. is a non-starter.  You can barely find parts to repair something, let alone find someone to actually do the repair if you are not so inclined.  When my stove broke a few years ago all it took to complete the repair was a new heating element, a Phillips screwdriver, and about fifteen minutes of time, most of which was spent unscrewing the plate that hid the heating element.  Cost?  $50.  Friends were shocked that I did the repair rather than looking for a new stove.  Huh?

Greenest College Campuses—Because I cannot get enough of infographics:

Friday Linkage 5/25/2012

School is out for summer…school is out forever!

With apologies to Alice Cooper, the kids are out of school for the summer today which is one of those signposts that officially announce summer has arrived even if the alignment of the planet does not agree.  Just like baseball’s opening day, sandal tan lines, and the first few tomato starts…summer is here!

On to the links…

Young Americans Shift Away from Car Culutre–Apparently, kids these days do not obsess over automobiles like prior generations of American youth.  There is hope for our future:

Deep Craft—Craft is not just about making something on a smaller scale or making something by hand. Trust me, spend some time on Etsy and see some of the crap masquerading as craft. Instead, craft is about making something very well by methods that cannot be easily reproduced in a mass setting.

Mini Modern Cabins Made from Hardware Store Sheds—I have no idea what is about tiny houses or sheds or writer’s shacks or whatever that captivate me so much. Maybe it’s because I read Michael Pollan’s book about building a writing retreat and I wanted one myself. There is something romantic about a hermitage.

Home Gardening Infopraphic—Some people hate them, but I love infographics. Here is one about home gardening in the United States:

Unplug These 6 Gadgets in Your Home—Just go around your home when you are done weeding the garden and unplug these gadgets. You will be amazed at how much stuff is just sucking electricity from the grid without doing anything productive. The very definition of waste.

Domino’s Pizza Refuses to Phase Out Inhumane Pork—Not only does Domino’s make crappy pizza, by their own admission their pizza was vile before a redo and a lot of people would argue it has gotten little better, but the company uses pork sourced from companies that still utilize gestation crates. There is no excuse for allowing this brutal practice to continue.

Judge Rules Pom Wonderful’s Advertising is Misleading—Really? Having ads claiming that some juice from a fruit is going to give you better health is misleading? Wow, I never would have thought. Never mind that the people behind Pom Wonderful are complete a$$ clowns.

Secret Life of Strawberries—Are California’s strawberries really world class? I would argue that an in-season strawberry from a u-pick farm close to home is better than any gigantic red orb in a plastic clamshell from California. Like tomatoes, strawberries have been totally ruined by the industrial agriculture machine that prices yield above all else. If it tastes like red mush is it still a strawberry?

Fishing for Asian Carp with the Perennial Plate—The Asian carp problem in Illinois rivers seems to be reaching some sort of epidemic or catastrophic proportions. There may be little that can be done to save these ecosystems short of complete destruction. Or, maybe just maybe, we can eat our way to salvation. Trust me, if this fish could become a staple of Friday night fish fries than the population would be in decline tomorrow.

Test Drive of a Honda Civic Fueled by Natural Gas—The Civic Natural Gas, formerly known as the Civic GX, has been around for a while. It’s been used by fleets and others looking for a clean alternative to traditional liquid fueled automobiles. The guys over a The Truth About Cars took one for a test drive and it makes you wonder why we do not see more of these on the road.

Plan to Recreate Lindbergh’s Historic Flight in an EV Plane— I think we fail to realize the power of singular achievements like Charles Lindbergh’s solo flight across the Atlantic Ocean. Something like this shows what is possible. If an electric plane can make the journey, what stops the technology from proliferating? It allows people to dream.