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Friday Linkage 2/24/2017

November 9th was a day of some serious despair, but I see a lot of potential in the awakening of a progressive spirit and an exposure of the right wing’s anti-people agenda.  Yes, it will be a lot of work to make any kind of meaningful change given the dynamics of elections in the U.S.  Yes, Donald Trump is a dumpster fire in human form that happens to inhabit the Oval Office.  However, there has been a spark that has ignited a liberal fire like no other time in recent memory.

On to the links…

U.S. Greenhouse Gas Emissions Lowest Since 1994—A lot of this decline has to do with the replacement of coal with natural gas in the electrical generation sector and a recession that dampened demand across a whole host of industries.  Nonetheless, the data is compelling:


The Future of Solar Power Technology is Bright—No matter what the political environment looks like in the future, the potential of solar is very real.

Record Wind & Solar Keep The Lights On In NSW As Coal & Gas Went Missing—Renewable energy can make the grid more reliable.  This should put the argument about intermittency to bed.

Wind Technician Jobs Growing, in Iowa and Nationally—The sooner that everyone realizes that there are more people working in renewable energy jobs, like wind turbine technicians, the sooner that we can get past the narrative of coal jobs being the only energy jobs that matter.

Drilling Experts Explain why Trump Can’t Bring Back Oilfield Jobs—The jobs will not be coming back because like coal before it automation and market changes are driving the need for actual human labor down.

University of Iowa Announces it will be Coal-Free by 2025—Each power generating facility or consumer that goes coal-free is another brick in the wall in eliminating coal from our energy infrastructure.  Yes, it will take a long time.  Yes, it is inevitable if we keep up the pressure.

Petcoke Piles Gone, but Another Dangerous Pollutant Discovered in the Air—If you think that there is no place for the EPA it is likely that you do not live in a community affected by this kind of pollution.  Low income communities are at the mercy of polluters because they do not have the political clout of the Koch brothers.

Which Ski Run Is Better for the Planet?—Ski hills go out of business.  What comes after is hard to imagine as you spend your days sliding.  However, the way we develop ski runs can make a major difference for the next stage of the land’s lifecycle.

Almost Every Packaged Food Comes from These Two Companies—The merger between Kraft Heinz and Unilever may have died, but this should give you some sense as to how consolidated the center aisles of the grocery store have become.

Olive Oil Shortage Looms as Prices and Demand Rise—Climate change has come for our coffee, chocolate, and hops.  Now olive oil is the crosshairs.  When will the larger populace realize that the impacts of climate change is here.

Fifth of World’s Food Lost to Over-Eating and Waste—Food insecurity is not a question of production it is a question of distribution, availability, and affordability.  It is a god damned shame that we live in a world where a significant portion of the world’s population is overweight while a similarly large portion of the world’s population is food insecure.


Friday Linkage 1/11/2012

I have been slow and loathe to post anything the past week.  It’s like I have nothing good to write about.  Maybe it’s that seasonal affective disorder that I have heard about.

On to the links…

Average Fuel Economy for U.S. Vehicles in 2012 was 23.8 MPG—This is one of those “boring, but important” stories.  The average fuel economy of new vehicles in the U.S. has been increasing recently and it will only continue to rise as new CAFE rules come into play.  A bit of good news, right?

FDA Offers New Rules to Stop Food Contamination—I am really torn on the new rules the FDA is proposing.  It seems like another wicket for producers to jump through that will burden small producers and allow the large players to just dominate even more.  On the other hand, there is no excuse that a country as advanced as the U.S. should have so many people get sick and/or die from contaminated food in a year.

Staten Island Ferry to Run on Liquefied Natural Gas—When you get done reading this short piece on the conversion of a Staten Island ferry to run on liquefied natural gas (LNG) you will wonder to yourself why all of the ferries are not running on such fuel.  Really, why not?

Queens Wants to Turn an Abandoned Railway into a Parkway—Now, everyone wants their very own High Line.  This is a good thing because the world needs more urban parks.

Lean Manufacturing Addressing Climate Change through Reductions in Waste—I spent the first few years of my professional career in an advanced manufacturing environment where lean manufacturing was the order of the day.  It’s easy to get swayed by the discussion that we can “help” the planet by making less or no waste when making goods.  That is true on the face of things, but it avoids the larger question of whether we need the stuff in the first place.  Just saying.

Unilever Eliminates Plastic Microbeads in Facial Scrubs—Plastic microbeads, like triclosan in ant-bacterial soap, is a pox upon American medicine cabinets.  The little beads that are supposed to exfoliate just wash down the drain, do not get captured for disposal, and end up in the food system of aquatic creatures.  Great.  Just get a freakin’ loofah.

Junk Food Marketers Target Your Kids Online—Isn’t it lovely how wherever children go to play they are bombarded by messages, cleverly disguised as entertainment, from purveyors of crap food?  It’s the little cuties brought to you by Tyson Chicken Nuggets of Doom!

Minnesota’s Largest Solar Installation Starts Producing Energy—If solar power can make it in Minnesota, it can make it anywhere.  If you think there is no sun in England or Germany or the Pacific Northwest you have never spent a winter in Minnesota.  From November until April the sky is a shade of slate gray so depressing it makes ice fishing seem like an ideal past time.

Tehran Choked by Pollution—Nothing says great governance like your capital city being choked by smog to such an extent that it cripples daily life.  Before spending money on a nuclear program or military weapons maybe you ought to think about cleaning up the air.  Just a thought.