It’s not that Kind of CSA

Everyone is probably familiar with your regular ol’ CSA or community supported agriculture were you get a season’s worth of vegetables, barring weather catastrophe, in exchange for an upfront show of monetary support.

Well, this is not that kind of CSA.  Soon, in the Czech Village section of Cedar Rapids, Lion Bridge Brewing Company will be open for business.  Currently, shares are available in what brewmaster Quinton McClain is calling “community supported ales.”

For $80 you get a series of benefits including a growler and first fill, t-shirt, discounts on growlers every time you fill, and growler fills of beers that are normally only available by the pint.  My CSA membership arrived this weekend.  I am #56:

CSA Certificate

Check out the progress being made on their website or Facebook.  The world is a better place with good beer.


4 responses to “It’s not that Kind of CSA

  1. Is that an $80 initiation fee or a monthly? I love the idea that the model is expanded outside of agriculture.

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