Friday Linkage 12/10/2021

We now live in a world where on the most watched television commentators on the right wing is justifying Vladimir Putin’s potential armed incursion into a sovereign nation.
Is this the whacko right wing’s Neville Chamberlain moment?
On to the links…
What Roe Could Take Down With It—It is unlikely that the Supreme Court will hand down a decision until nearly summer 2022, but it is worth your time to consider the ramifications of circumscribing the individual’s right to privacy. If you do not think that right wing nut jobs in states like Texas will try and craft laws to “adjust” your private behavior you have not been paying attention.
Interior’s New Oil-and Gas-Leasing Roadmap Sidesteps Climate Action—No matter who occupies the White House it seems like the oil and gas industry get whatever they want when it comes to drilling on public lands.
Has The EIA Massively Overestimated The Potential Of U.S. Shale?—Now imagine what happens as oil and gas get more expensive. It’s going to be harder and harder to deny the transition to green electricity.
Solar — 3% Of US Electricity In 2020, 5% Next Year, & 20% In 2050?—The first few percentage points were the hardest. Now solar is cheap and easy.
The Magic Math Of Solar Plus Storage—This is like the mythical 1+1=3 kind of situation that every half ass manager has tried to use as an explanation for behavior. Except, that it works in this case.
Simplify: Cut 2.3 Billion Gallons Of Gasoline A Year In USA—Simplify. If there was something that Americans were never good at it is simplification. Rather than figure out how to get cars off the road our planners will just build another lane of highway even though it has been shown time and time again to fail at solving the problem.
What Will it Take to End Deforestation by 2030?—Let’s start with replacing Jair Bolsonaro. Then let’s stop cutting down trees. Okay. Following that let’s plant a lot more trees.
What Humanity Should Eat to Stay Healthy and Save the Planet—I am going to venture a guess and say, “A lot more plants, a lot less dairy, and as little meat as possible.”
UK Plugin EV Market Share Hits Record 28.1% In November – Diesel At Just 5%–A doubling of market share in a year is crazy.
Choosing Energy Paths—There is a fork in the road coming with regards to the future of energy.
Climate Change Crisis: Golf Courses on Borrowed Time as Earth’s Weather Patterns Become Wilder—Golf courses just seem like an insult to anyone who cares about water scarcity, pesticide use, land management, and so on.

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